Plasmine Technology is the leading US supplier of paper specialty and sizing chemicals for North America.

The technically superior Field Service and Sales team is based in all quadrants of the U.S. allowing for quick and easy access to customer paper mills. Plasmine has two manufacturing plants based strategically in the Northeast and Southeast, maintaining easy access to reliable and timely transportation either by truck or rail. Both the Bay Minette, Alabama and Portland, Maine plants produce mainstream and custom blended paper chemicals. Plasmine is headquartered in Pensacola, Florida and this facility also contains the Research and Development and Regulatory teams.

Plasmine’s portfolio ranges from its versatile rosin sizing product, NeuRoz CF40, to custom end manufacturing aids such as Release Oil 665. The company produces rosin based sizing agents in the form of fortified rosin size (N-750-P and N-850-P), anionic dispersed rosin size (NeuRoz CF40), cationic dispersed rosin size (NeuRoz 426 and NeuRoz HC) and alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) sizing agents (Plasmisize 100 and Plasmisize 336 and Plasmisize 532). KN-500 and Dynacoat XS (surface size) comprise the surface size portfolio.

Founded in 1990, Plasmine Technology has focused solely on the paper industry. There has been a strategic, forward thinking plan to ensure it anticipates and meets its customer needs. Plasmine maintains its small company customer service and attitude, while leveraging the resources of its parent company Harima Chemicals, a leader in global paper chemicals.

It is Plasmine’s close working relationship with its customers that have made the company successful.