About Us

Plasmine Technology, Inc. was founded in 1990 with a single business objective, to provide the best sizing products and technical support to the paper industry. Plasmine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harima Chemicals Group, Inc. of Osaka, Japan and is one of two major suppliers of rosin-based internal sizing additives to the North American Paper Industry. The corporate office is located in Pensacola, Florida with a manufacturing plant located in Alabama. There are also two distribution networks established in the Oregon/Washington and Wisconsin areas.

Plasmine Technology, Inc. produces and sells high quality rosin internal sizing agents and various surface treatment additives to the paper and paperboard industries. Our core business is the manufacture of specialty rosin and rosin ester based chemistries.

Plasmine’s assurance of quality is reflected in the performance and product stability of our rosin based sizing emulsions. Plasmine strives to deliver our paper and paperboard customers high quality products at the lowest possible price. We continuously develop new products which deliver added value to the papermaker. We strive to deliver outstanding, guaranteed product quality, technical service, and timely delivery.

Our commitment to our customers is reflected through honest and responsible business practices. Our technical sales team represents years of paper experience and knowledge. Our sales team members demonstrate our commitment on a daily basis through product and in mill support.

Through our “Manufacturing Excellence” platform, Plasmine has production capability to toll manufacture specialized rosin and rosin ester dispersions for a wide range of applications. Our innovative research and development and dedicated manufacturing teams are available to develop new products to meet customer needs.

Plasmine has a diverse portfolio of paper chemical additives to meet specific properties for any of the following grades of paper

Packaging Grades

  • Bleached Board
  • Unbleached Kraft Linerboard
  • Recycled Linerboard
  • Corrugated Medium
  • White Top Linerboard
  • Boxboard/Cartonboard – Recycled Boxboard
  • Liquid Packaging Board
  • Milk Carton
  • Cup Stock – Cold and Hot Medium
  • Partition Board
  • Tube and Core Board
  • Gypsum wallboard facing

Communication Papers

  • Printing and Writing
  • Copy Paper
  • Inkjet Paper

Specialty Papers

  • Kraft Papers
  • Recycled Papers
  • Specialty and Industrial
  • Release Base Sheet (liner)
  • Food Wrap Papers
  • Filter Papers
  • Coated Papers – C1S and C2S

Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.

Who is Harima Chemicals?

Harima Chemicals is the largest fractionator of crude tall oil in the Asia Pacific region. It operates the world’s first “closed system” tall oil fractionation plant. The product streams from this fractionation tower are applied to the rosin, fatty acid, pitch and heads industries producing a wide variety of products from rosin size, electronics materials additives, and paint additives, to sterols and power for the local community at their co-generation plant.

Harima Chemicals, is a diversified global manufacturer of industrial resins, paper chemicals, and health food additives. Harima acquired Plasmine Technology in 1996 to complement its current paper chemicals portfolio and to provide Harima with an avenue to sell Harima Paper Chemicals technology into the North American market.

Note: Additional company information can be found by visiting the Harima Chemicals Group, Inc website at www.harima.co.jp/en/

Plasmine Technology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harima Chemicals Group, Inc., based in Osaka Japan.